Consider a donation to the Watkins Community Museum!

A tax deductible can benefit you and preserve an historic community facility!

Questions and Answers about Tax Credits

What is a tax credit?

In 2007 the Kansas State Legislature established a new program providing fundraising incentives for Historic Buildings in Kansas. Each year the Kansas Department of Revenue sets aside $200,000 in tax credits to be awarded to Partnership Historic Sites. The Watkins Community Museum of History is a Partnership Historic Site. A tax credit is different than a tax deduction. A deduction is is taken from your earned income and causes you to pay a lower amount of taxes. A credit is taken of off the income taxes you owe to the state government. The Kansas program is also refundable which means that if you are owed a refund the credit will be added to your refund. You don't need to have a state tax liability!

Give me an example.

Ok, if, for example, when you figure your state taxes, taking all your normal deductions, the bottom line says you owe $3000. If you had $2000 in tax credits, you would only owe $1000 in taxes.  Another example: If you are due a refund of $100 and have earned a $500 tax credit (by donating $1000), you will receive $600 from the State of Kansas

The State Historical Society granted $20,000 of tax credits to the Douglas County Historical Society. This means that our fund raising goal is $40,000. The Museum has an operating budget that is supported by memberships, donations and tax payer support via the Douglas County Commission. The budget is not sufficient for maintenance and capital projects for the Watkins Bank building. Funds raised through the tax credit program will enable the museum to develop exhibits and educational programming; improve security and visitor safety; and upgrade access to and preservation of the collections and the building.  In addition to supporting long-term development of a permanent exhibit and collections care, donations may support specific projects such as upgraded lighting in the hallways and stairwells, HVAC and elevator repairs, and rear building entrance security.

When are donations eligible for the tax credits?

The credits may be given in exchange for donations made to the Museum during the time period between July 1, 2011 and June 30, 2012.  Credits purchased in 2011 may be applied to 2011 taxes.  Credits purchased in 2012 may be applied to 2012 taxes.

Who do I contact to make a donation or for more information?

You can contact Dale Slusser, Chair, Douglas County Historical Society or Steve Nowak, Director at 785.841.4109 or come by the Watkins Museum Tuesday–Friday (10 a.m.–4 p.m.).


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