Get Involved at the Watkins Museum of History

Volunteers are needed at the Watkins Museum of History, and the Museum has a niche just for you! Call 841-4109 to see how you can serve your community while enjoying the perks of being a volunteer!!

Volunteers are an integral part of museums. In museums of all sizes and types, in all regions of the country, volunteers join in partnership with trustees and paid staff to carry out the mission of their institutions. A recent study of the American Association of Museums indicates that more than 375,000 volunteers serve America’s museums.

Volunteers make essential and widely recognized contributions to museums. They work as a team with paid staff, and they help to create programming that would not otherwise exist. They help transform the mission of the museum into reality. They are a link between museums and their community, bringing the voice of the community into the museum and representing the museum among its audiences. If any of the above sounds like something you want to be a part of, then —WE ARE LOOKING FOR YOU

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Meet Some of Our Volunteers

Dorothy Ingersoll
Dorothy Ingersoll
Lee Barnhart
Charles Thomas
Ann Sargent
Ann Sargent

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