Massachusetts Street:

Monuments and Milestones


1901 - 1919

Ecke Building (now Ingredient) 947 Mass St., 1900.
Kaw River Flood, 1903.
Boener Bros Cigar Factory, 1905.
First Street Car in Lawrence, 1909.
View of the west side of the 800 block of Mass St. during a parade, early 1900s.
View northward of Douglas County Courthouse and Watkins Bank, 1911.
Damage on Mass St. from tornado, 1911.
Damage on Mass St. from tornado, 1911.
Damage on Mass St. from tornado, 1911.
View southward of 9th and Mass St., 1913.
Mrs. Patterson's Millinery, 837 Mass St., 1916.
Interior University Meat Market, 1917.


          The turn of the century was a time when America was experiencing amazing growth and progress, but also war.
          In 1903, a large flood devastated Lawrence. A house swept away by the flood destroyed the bridge across the Kaw River, cuting off rail, telephone, and telegraph service and stranding residents.
          In 1908, the appearance of cars became a regular occurrence on Massachusetts Street. A group of 35 cars made a run to Kansas City, but many were unable to finish the rugged trip.
          A tornado in April 1911 swept through Lawrence during the evening hours killing two and devastating the business district.
Important dates during this time period:
1901 – President McKinley assassinated/Teddy Roosevelt becomes president
1914 – World War I begins
1917 – United States enters World War I
1918 – End of World War I
1919 – Treaty of Versailles
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