Homeschool History II (Ages 11-16)

Homeschool History II (Ages 11-16)

Join us at the Watkins Museum or other Douglas County historical sites for a class based on Lawrence and/or Douglas County History. Topics will be explored using hands-on activities, art projects, and will be multi-subject when appropriate. Parents may attend class, or this can be a drop off program. Transportation to historical sites will not be provided by the Watkins Museum.

Time: 10:30-11:30 AM

Date: See topic list below.

Enrollment: Students may enroll for the entire school year, or they may enroll
monthly. *You must be enrolled 48 hours prior to the event*

Cost: $4 per class if enrolling for the entire year and $5 a class if enrolling for single classes. Fees go towards supplies. A student must be enrolled, and fee should be paid before they can attend. Payments may be made at the door with cash or card. *Please note this new fee for homeschool classes*

January 19, 2023Cultural Exchange: Sister City – Hiratsuka, Japan
February 16, 2024Civil Rights in Lawrence: A Time of Unrest
March 22, 2024Transportation in Town: Moving with Wheels
April 19, 2024Free Time: Amusements through our History
May 17, 2024Lawrence Architecture: Houses and Buildings of Beauty